ASAP Market Review

Now slightly over a year old, ASAP Market opened its doors for business on March 1, 2020 under the name ASEAN Market. It has remained relatively under the radar for most darknet buyers and sellers, failing to really take off like others that swooped up new customers from recently closed markets. It did get listed on in December 2020, which is definitely a badge of honor for a market as it means they are considered to be at least somewhat competent at what they do.

ASAP Market Mirrors

ASAP Market isn’t even a year old and yet boasts some of the most exclusive features in the industry!

Vendor fee$400 one-time + 5% per sale
Security PINYes
Total listings8000+

What makes ASAP Market different?

We’re sure you’ve been with other markets before. Even if that’s not true for some of you, you’d still see innovation on ASAP Market.

There actually are three primary features which are totally unique and exclusive to the market:

  • Scam Hunter
  • Fake Review Detector
  • DeadDrops.

Scam Hunter is a back-end feature that the market uses. It somehow is able to detect fake vendors, as well as buyers. Practically speaking, the buyers can just create new accounts however it sure hurts vendors and hence decreases their chances of scamming users.

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As of now, ASAP has about 6,000 listings, which puts it on the small end of darknet markets. The layout and theme for ASAP is pretty subdued compared to most other darknet markets. It uses a dark mode by default, which actually makes it quite easy on the eyes.

One thing we noticed right away is that ASAP is a very fickle market. Its main mirrors are often down and the rotating mirrors, well, rotate every 30 minutes, meaning you have to be in-and-out unless you don’t mind being logged out, finding a new mirror, and logging back in. Quite often the rotating mirrors are also down, which makes accessing the market frustrating. Whether the admins are doing too much or not enough to stop DDOS attacks is up for debate, but what’s for certain is that ASAP Market is probably not the place with little patience.

After you manage to arrive at a working mirror, you’ll only have 30 seconds to solve the captcha before it times out and you have to reload the page.

Interestingly, ASAP is one of the first markets (if not the first) to offer support for SegWit wallets. This means you can save money by sending from a SegWit wallet, which is especially handy when transaction fees are high. A few of the other unique features offered by ASAP include:

  • Scam Hunter system. A market-built algorithm that seeks out buyer and seller behaviors that indicate a scam is taking place. Scammers caught using this system are excluded from participation and reported on various forums and subs.
  • Fake Review Detector. As the name implies, this is another type of algorithm that is used by the market to find and weed out fake reviews. This makes vendor ratings more reliable.
  • Special loyalty program. Those who are regular users of the market and have processed sizeable sales may be offered the opportunity to join a special market program via invite only. This includes a section available to invitees only and special deals not available to other users.
  • Extra security options. In addition to the usual 2-FA option that many markets offer, ASAP also has authorization code (login) and secret phrase (account recovery) options.

For vendors, ASAP offers a flexible commission schedule. New and most other vendors will be charged 4% commission on each sale on the market, but more established and reputable vendors can negotiate commissions as low as 2%.